We read some books. They were so sick that we had to share.

Some Articles and Stuff:
Peep these articles. We think they are pretty cool. You may agree *shrugs* we like them either way.
Business Insider

Extra Helpful Stuff. Peep it Bruh.

Favobooks... Sweet book recommendations.
Tools for remote workers.
Edward Tufte is probably stoked.
Infographics > PowerPoint = Duh.
Check out our sweet calendar full of “Hi, my name is...” opportunities.
Start RebelMousing. Mobilize your content and increase your online presence.
Dude... A software that assists in optimizing your ability to recruit and hire people. Yes please.
A website dedicated to sharing business resources with inbound businesses. It’s a “one stop shop.”
I can ship orders without getting off of my butt? Sign me up. Subscription please.
Live Chat, Help Desk, Voice & Video, and Web Analytics Combo Software.
A growing part of our economy is powered by online marketplace technology that helps individuals and small organizations effectively
sell or rent products, services and spaces to each other.